Finding it Difficult to Access Hotel Data While Not at Work?


Being a Managing Director or General Manager in hotel business is always a tough task. It becomes more challenging when you have to handle day to day business at multiple properties spread across locations. Being a part of 24/7 guest facing business model and due to the importance of your position, you can’t simply shrug off your responsibilities even if you are on leave.

In order to keep track of your property’s daily business statistics, you must have access to the hotel property management system. But, what if either you are not at the property or you are travelling? Under such circumstance, you will have to call up respective department heads to collect data that you are looking for. It might take some time and you might not get real-time data. The whole confusion will lead to loss of time and will deter you from taking informed decision pertaining to your hotel operations.

Try Pulze 247, the mobile analytics app

Pulze 247 is a mobile analytics app that can be downloaded on smartphones. As Pulze 247 is integrated with your FortuneNEXT 6i Hotel ERP, this app shows you real-time data of your hotel operations. You can take stock of up-to-the-date status of your properties’ room inventory including number of rooms that are out of order and availability of rooms to sell etc. This app gives you clear picture on hotel reservation figures like number of walk-ins, day use rooms, expected departures, actual departures, stay overs, actual arrivals, early departures and extended stays etc. You can even keep track on your properties’ actual performance against the budget, too.

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The dashboard of Pulze 247 is comprehensive. You can configure your dashboard and can include multiple data types. The dashboard enables you to click on a single property to view required information. You can also select the chain to view the chain wise information.

Imagine a scenario when you are out of the city and one of your major clients calls you up to book 20 rooms right away. You just can’t ask him to check with one of your colleagues to find out availability of rooms. Ideally, you will call up the concerned department head to find out the room availability. But, this would be a time consuming affair and you may not be able to know whether rooms are ready to occupy or not. However, with Pulze 247, you will be in a vantage position. While you can check the room status and inform your client on the same, you can even direct your housekeeping department to get those rooms ready for your guests at the earliest.

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Nandika Udupihilla
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